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Digital marketing and data-driven decision making can save your business time, effort and money, while expanding your customer base and boosting engagement. Ad Science Lab can help your business collect and analyze data, develop and act on KPIs, and take advantage of low cost software like Google Analytics — read here or contact us to find out more.

Data-Driven Marketing: Unlock Your Small Business’ Potential

No matter what industry you are in, or what size your business is, marketing is essential to create sustainable revenue and drive sales of products and services. Modern-day marketing relies heavily on data to understand your customers, optimize your unique buying cycle, and tailor your content strategy1,2

As a group of digital-native scientists, analysts, and marketers, the team at Ad Science Lab is here to unlock the potential of your business through data-driven decisions.

Why is Data Important for Marketing?

Marketing is the first step a business makes towards building its customer base and driving revenue growth. In the digital age, most marketing is done online, through social media, email campaigns, and web content2. Each of these platforms offers a wealth of data about your target customers or potential sales leads1,2.

Marketing data can include simple measurements of online behavior, such as social media likes or website views2. Additionally, business owners can use tools like Google Analytics to track page views and clicks across all their platforms, including email campaigns, ad banners, and social media posts. Combining this data not only shows which of your marketing campaigns are working best, but also paints a picture of how your customers find you among all the other content on the web1.

Know Your Customers: Personas

Understanding your customers will let you best decide how to invest time and energy into your business and get the best return on your marketing and outreach investments2.  Digital analytics can pick up crucial demographic data about your customers: age, location, and more information that tells you who’s looking at your content at a given moment. You can also use surveys and social media interactions to collect detailed information on what customers want or need out of your business.

Combining and analyzing behavioral and demographic data will allow you to build “customer personas.” Personas are a shorthand for your marketing team that allows them to allocate time and resources to the customers most likely to purchase products or services, create outreach and engagement campaigns, and develop future sales leads. Harnessing data to focus on your most active and engaged users saves time, money, and effort compared to a broad-strokes marketing campaign1,2.

How Do I Collect Data?

Savvy marketers can access detailed web user data for very little cost. Google Analytics and social media analytics cost nothing to use, and will provide the bulk of information you need for a small business. For more niche, targeted efforts like email marketing campaigns, you may need to pay some fees, but you will have access to valuable analytics like click-through rates and open rates that can inform business decisions.

How Do I Use My Marketing Data?

Once you understand what data you have, it’s time to put it to work. You can use marketing data to create metrics that demonstrate progress towards your most important goals, referred to as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)2

For example, you can track how many unique web users visit your website each month. You can directly track how changing your social media and content strategies affect monthly unique page views, and find out what works best to drive up engagement and boost sales1,2.

Setting and adjusting KPIs early and often keeps your business organized and focused in the long-run. Creating and following through on data-driven KPIs can be challenging for small businesses, but our team at Ad Science Lab is happy to help advance your digital marketing strategy, contact us today!

Ad Science Lab — Analyze, Strategize, Implement, Evaluate

Ad Science Lab is a team of scientists, marketing professionals, and content producers who are fluent in data-driven marketing. Our team has the expertise to identify your digital marketing needs, create a data-based marketing strategy, and execute on a clear plan of action. 

Contact Ad Science Lab today for a free audit for developing your businesses content strategy, assistance with website development, set-up for Google Ads and more!

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