Why You Need Data-Driven Marketing

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

Without data-driven insights and metrics, your marketing effort will not be effective or sufficient. To cater to your prospective client’s needs and desires, you need to know what their behavior, goals, pain points, and challenges are. 

Data analytics can give you insight, such as prospective customers:

  • Browsing patterns 
  • Social media activity 
  • Demographics 
  • Geographic locations 
  • Time of day activity

And other metrics that can help you focus your marketing efforts. These insights will help you to create a targeted and meaningful customer journey for all your prospects. And these data will be at the core of any successful marketing strategy


Personalization: Know Your Audience

Targeted ad campaigns with personalized messaging are the key to high conversions3. Data and modern analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) can help to create precisely targeted campaigns with personalized communications. Careful and continuous data analysis can give you insight and help strategize on custom-tailored marketing campaigns that let you know:

  • What kind of messages to send
  • To whom to send messages 
  • To what device to send messages
  • When to send the messages

“Modern analytics tools can help to create precisely targeted campaigns with personalized communications.”

When you have constant feedback and analysis of your prospects’ data, you can accurately increase the chance of striking a critical emotional chord with the audience and improve positive engagement. Prospects want information that’s useful to them. Customers will become frustrated when displayed content has nothing to do with their interests1. More than 72% of your prospects won’t reengage with your content if it isn’t relevant to their interests2. Data-driven analytics will speed up the sales cycle, increase the bottom line, and personalize marketing efforts to increase conversions.

Retarget Your Messaging

Retargeting (also called remarketing) is critical for all marketing efforts. This marketing strategy keeps your brand and service in the prospective customers’ minds and allows them to keep thinking about you. This increases conversions4

Data is key for strategic decision-making.

Be everywhere. Retarget your prospective customers as they engage in multiple digital channels or sources. For example, if a prospect browses your website, your ad should show up on their social media feed. By increasing awareness of your brand or service, constant engagement through remarketing will turn more users into customers. 

Testing: The Key to Growth

The beauty of data-driven marketing is that you can see which ideas work and which ones don’t. Sometimes you may realize that the excellent copy which your writer wrote may not have the engagement or the conversion that you thought was a given. Testing new ideas or variants of old ideas can provide you with insight into what your customers really want. Testing new ideas will provide you with a safety net to ensure that you will succeed when some of your ads don’t pan out. Iterative testing will guide you away from failure, because you will know when things aren’t working real-time. And this will lead you to success.

Monitor Your ROI Effectively

Data can tell how your resources are improving your bottom line. Critically, you will know where to effectively and efficiently put both your human and financial resources. For example, perhaps your prospective customers are not engaging your social media marketing efforts as much as your Google Ads. Or you may also find out that your company’s advertising efforts do better on LinkedIn than Facebook. Knowing where your marketing resources should go will improve not only your effectiveness but it will increase your company’s growth.

Create A Data-Driven Culture

Whether you have a top-down or a flat corporate structure, embrace data-driven decision making. Your entire company should operate within data-driven frameworks. Let the results prove you right, or wrong. In either case, it will improve marketing and company efficiencies. Everyone in the company needs to know that it’s ok to be wrong, as long as they measure the results. 

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