Case Study – Data Visualization

A Data Science First Approach

Uphill Athlete (UA) is a professional coaching service company that provides coaching services, training plans, and serves as the leading educational platform serving millions of people. They empower people to reach their fitness and training goals in the mountain sports arena.

UA was impressed by our data-science first approach. They hired us to provide a full service package, analytics and SEO services along with social marketing strategies for their digital operations. Underlying their decision to collaborate with us was the desire to have an accurate and high-fidelity method to measure all their digital activities. They didn’t have a holistic way to measure their sales, data, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Working with UA, we were able to capture all their sales and digital behavior and visualize it on an easy-to-digest platform.

Outgrowing Success

UA has been successful in generating a significant following on social media, a dedicated and passionate newsletter audience, and significant, organic traffic on its website. However, they found themselves in a situation where they needed a professional group to manage, strategize, and, most importantly, measure their marketing efforts. Their success had effectively outgrown their ability to manage and interpret their data.

Measure To Understand

While UA had Google Analytics installed on its website, measuring web traffic activity for interpretation was difficult. UA could not to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and were not aware of who was buying what and from where. Google Analytics can be a very useful and powerful tool, but for the uninitiated, it is near-impossible to review meaningfully. Furthermore, KPIs need to be measured as goals, ecommerce activities need to be counted (preferably by an enhanced ecommerce data layer), and all tracking parameters need to be consistently optimized to ensure proper tracking.

Simplify To Interpret

After configuration and optimization, UA collected tons of data points sophisticatedly (visitors, traffic, sources, mediums, goals, user IDs). Our collaboration brought them a phenomenal measurement model. Having data is terrific, but the secret sauce is the interpretation. While the data was accurate, it was still highly complex and overwhelming. UA only interpreted around 5% of the actual data collected and measured. We deepened our collaboration further.

We created and optimized a Google Data Studio (GDS) dashboard that we customized to UA’s needs. We created a time-saving interpretation machine. Implementing Google Data Studio has revolutionized UA’s approach to analytics and interpretation. In just a few seconds, UA was able to look, in conjunction with ASL, from the highest level of the campaign within the context of KPIs.

The data are further broken down into Marketing Channels (e.g., social media channels, and newsletter traffic). Since organic traffic is so critical to UA’s presence, we have created a separate channel for this.
Starting from “at-your-fingertips” Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the UA team can view revenue from any time frame.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are at-your-fingertips metrics that can tell you how your marketing strategy is performing in less than a minute. Sample data.

The GDS dashboard allows UA to decipher which Google Ads campaigns (and other campaigns) were performing well and which were not very quickly. Marketing channel displays are very intuitive to understand by all stakeholders.

Marketing Channels (Google Ads) can show specific KPIs very easily and efficiently. No more wasted time trying to decipher complicated analytics platforms. Sample data.

Most importantly, it also shows where there are growth opportunities. For example, a high return on ad spend (ROAS) in a particular channel signaled that UA should allocate more capital there. Low ROAS signaled that something was wrong with the campaign (e.g., poor ad copy, audience targeting, etc.), and that merited more investigation.

Let’s Collaborate

Ad Science Lab is deeply rooted in data science. We are data scientists and analytics experts who are obsessed with interpretation. We have broad expertise in science, marketing, and digital advertising. These foundations allow us to be uniquely positioned to collaborate with companies and firms that come from a variety of industries and niches.

We leverage deep audits, investigating all marketing and communication channels, to comprehensively understand our client’s past, present, and future. Our strategy allows us to build an accurate and interpretable measurement model that can benefit all stakeholders.

Let’s start the conversation to see how data analysis and interpretation can improve your bottom line.

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