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Designing and Building for Good​​


Designing and Building for Good

Doing good and making a profit can go hand in hand. This latter statement is what drives the Fitch Irick Corporation. Indeed, their primary goal is to provide quality affordable housing for those in need. To date, they have provided quality living to over 40,000 people and continue to do so – all the while investing over 500 million dollars of tax credit equity and managing over 500 million dollars in development projects. They are the epitome of impact investing, funneling wealth into communities to build brighter futures. Moreover, they provide jobs to over 500 people.

To say that we were honored to partner with them in order to design, develop, and maintain a website for them was, and continues to be an understatement.
For Fitch Irick Corporation, we designed and built an aesthetically pleasing website with clear CTAs that are optimized for investors and other key stakeholders.

“We needed a marketing partner who could work with us using a white-glove approach and possess the finesse to navigate the nuances of our business goals.”

Hollis Fitch, Fitch Irick CEO

Navigating Design and Messaging in a Regulated Space

Fitch Irick Corporation is a vertically integrated real estate investment manager specializing in workforce housing and affordable housing. To effectively broadcast its mission and vision to the world, Fitch Irick Corporation faced several challenges. It aimed to attract and retain the attention of current and potential investors, as well as key stakeholders in the cities and states they serve. This required a platform that could highlight their achievements and future goals while maintaining a professional, elegant, and inclusive voice.

Navigating regulatory waters added another layer of complexity. Fitch Irick is regulated by both the Fair Housing Act and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, necessitating a strict methodological approach to broadcasting their values and services.

The digital transition also presented its own challenges. The corporation needed a digital marketing firm skilled in preserving the SEO power of its previous one-page website. This was crucial as Fitch Irick has also absorbed other companies, either through acquisition or merger, whose websites needed similar preservation. Moreover, they sought strategic guidance for building a robust, future-proof website. The site needed the capacity to handle significant traffic from multiple channels—social media, newsletters, and organic search—while also integrating a secure portal for current investors.

Discovery Conversations Foster Deep Understanding

Before we could begin the design and copywriting process, we had to develop a deep understanding of the Fitch Irick Corporation. We held multiple meetings with the CEO, executive officers, and the leadership team to fully grasp the company’s vision, history, and potential future from diverse perspectives. These discussions led to frank and candid dialogues about what had worked and what hadn’t in their previous digital strategies, particularly concerning their past websites, marketing, and messaging efforts. This was crucial, especially when considering nuances from companies Fitch Irick had acquired.

Media briefs broadened our understanding, providing in-depth details about potential investors and property owners that Fitch Irick might be interested in engaging with. We gathered specifics like age, location, financial standing, device usage habits, buying patterns, interests, and educational background. This deep dive helped us pinpoint the kind of investors and property owners that aligned with Fitch Irick’s acquisition objectives.
We also closely examined Fitch Irick’s internal dynamics, gaining insight into their existing workforce as well as their ideal employee profiles. Moreover, we familiarized ourselves with the profiles of city and state employees integral to Fitch Irick’s operations. This helped us understand the vital information these employees would need in order to build successful partnerships with the company.

A competitive analysis showed that standing out was essential, even in a landscape that wasn’t densely populated. Our approach aimed to strike a balance by creating a website that was distinct enough to capture attention yet inviting enough to foster a sense of community.

Lastly, we considered mapping the user journey pivotal to achieving our vision of a seamless and fluid experience for users. The journey’s main emphasis was on three domains—education, showcasing, and messaging—to ensure that every interaction on the site was meaningful and enriching.

Tailored for Tomorrow: The of Future Fitch Irick's Digital Domain

After an exhaustive understanding of Fitch Irick’s objectives and challenges, we dove deep into the design phase, crafting the website and its individual pages with precision. Key to this was our careful selection of copy and imagery, which were chosen to resonate with and echo the ethos, mission, and vision of Fitch Irick. Our primary goal was a design that struck a harmonious balance between visual appeal and user-friendliness. Recognizing the demands on Fitch Irick as a private equity company, we took the lead in the design and copywriting processes, ensuring they could maintain their focus on their core operations.

With collaborative feedback from internal stakeholders, leadership, and the executive team through both one-on-one and group sessions, our design concepts evolved. This systematic due diligence resulted in a responsive, captivating website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also modular, setting the foundation for seamless future expansions as Fitch Irick grows.

Our expertise as a digital marketing firm came to the forefront when introducing advanced tracking systems. By meticulously crafting a data plan and integrating Google Analytics 4, we laid the groundwork for holistic tracking, capturing conversion metrics, user pathways, and the efficacy of various marketing endeavors. This comprehensive approach ensures that all of Fitch Irick’s digital marketing efforts can be accurately gauged and refined.

And our involvement doesn’t stop there. We take pride in actively shaping Fitch Irick’s marketing narratives. Through data-backed social media strategies, we spotlight their new acquisitions, developments, and team achievements, underscoring both their investment potential and their reputation as an exemplary workplace, ensuring a comprehensive digital portrayal of Fitch Irick.

From Concept to Conversion: Discover the Benefits of Our Holistic Approach

Each business’ online presence is more than a mere extension of your brand—it’s a critical touchpoint for stakeholders and customers alike. We’re honored to have partnered with Fitch Irick Corporation, a leader in vertically integrated real estate investment, to develop a website that not only represents their distinguished presence in the affordable housing industry but also navigates the complex, regulated environment in which they operate. Visit the Fitch Irick website to see our comprehensive approach in action. If you’re looking for a holistic digital solution, from cutting-edge web design to precise analytics configuration to working in a regulated environment, we invite you to get in touch with us. Let’s build something impactful together.

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“In our journey to revitalize our online presence, we sought a team that was technically adept, deeply intuitive, and able to work within a regulated space. As a vertically integrated private equity corporation, we needed a marketing partner who could work with us using a white-glove approach and possess the finesse to navigate the nuances of our business goals. Ad Science Lab created a website that truly reflects who we are and where we’re headed.” – Hollis Fitch, Fitch Irick CEO’’

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